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Great Wall TCM

Great Wall TCM - Trusted Traditional Healthcare

At Great Wall TCM (长城中医), we adopt a holistic approach to provide quality health and wellness solutions.

Founded in 1977 by Chief TCM Physician Tay Kim Lik (郑心德主任医师), with over 46 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Great Wall TCM (长城中医) has two clinics located in the heart of Singapore, Redhill and Tiong Bahru.

Our team of MOH registered TCM Physicians and Therapists located at Great Wall TCM Family Clinic (Redhill) are experienced in providing comprehensive TCM consultation and treatments including TCM Medication (中药),Acupuncture (针灸),TCM Tuina (TCM Massage 推拿), TCM Cupping Therapy (拔罐) & TCM Guasha (刮痧) to meet diverse medical needs especially Shingles, Pain Management and more.

Our Premium Clinic located at Central Plaza (Tiong Bahru) is led by Dr. Tay Hao Xiang (郑浩翔博士), P.H.D in TCM Gynaecology, Dr Tay and his team focuses on helping couples to achieve their dream of starting a family. We also offer pre-partum and post-partum services to help ladies throughout their journey towards parenthood. Visit us as a couple, leave as a family!

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