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Mr. Tay Kim Lik (郑心德)

Chief TCM Physician

The founder of our TCM clinic, Chief TCM Physician Mr Tay Kim Lik (郑心德主任医师) is a respected TCM physician in Singapore. He has practiced TCM in Singapore since 1976 and has treated thousands of patients during his long years of practice. He has accumulated many years of valuable experiences in the area of diagnostics and treatment of complicated disease and symptoms.

Mr Tay is a MOH registered TCM physician. He graduated in 1976 from the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medical College. In year 2009, after successfully defending his Thesis in Beijing, Mr Tay was awarded Chief Physician Certification (主任医师证书) by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies(世界中医学会联合会). The Chief Physician Certification (主任医师证书) is the highest level of certification awarded by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies(世界中医学会联合会) to International TCM physicians.

Website for World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies 世界中医学会联合会: http://www.wfcms.org/

Expertise: TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Shingles Treatment, Improving General Health through TCM, TCM Pain Management, TCM Gynaecology.

Mr. Tay Hao Xiang (郑浩翔)

Senior Physician (Ph.D. in TCM Gynaecology)

Dr Tay Hao Xiang (郑浩翔博士) graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (Doctor of Medicine, Gynecology of Chinese Medicine).

Being bilingual (English and Mandarin), Dr Tay can effectively communicate and provide effective treatment to his patients.

Dr Tay is highly knowledgeable in Fertility treatments for both female and male. He is able to understand various lab test reports and uses them to achieve a holistic view of his patients’ medical conditions. Over the years, Dr Tay had successfully helped numerous couples conceived, bringing much joy to both Dr Tay and his patients.

Dr Tay is also well versed in TCM treatment for Shingles, helping many patients to recover from this painful medical condition.

Expertise: TCM Gynaecology, TCM Fertility Treatment (Men and Women), TCM Pain Management, TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Shingles Treatment

Mdm Zhang Huiqin (张慧琴)

Singapore Registered TCM Physician

Physician Ms Zhang Huiqin (张慧琴医师) graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Distinction. Passionate about TCM, Physician Zhang Huiqin is constantly enriching her knowledge of TCM to accurately diagnose her patient’s condition and provide individually tailored treatment for an effective recovery.

Physician Zhang Huiqin’s comforting and assuring personality has helped build good rapport with her patients. Having a strong interest in Acupuncture, she is highly skilled in healing and alleviating pain in various parts of the body.

Physician Zhang is also experienced in TCM Gynecology, TCM Internal Medicine and improving general health.

Expertise: TCM Pain Management, TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Gynaecology, Improving General Health through TCM

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