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TCM Tuina (TCM Massage)

TCM Tuina (TCM Massage推拿) literally means “push and grasp” aims to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi (life energy) through massage and hand manipulation techniques applied on various pressure points on the body to heal itself naturally.

TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) refers to the therapeutic use of massage as a treatment for certain illnesses or diseases. TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) is gaining popularity in Singapore TCM clinics due to its non-invasive nature and the wide array of benefits that it brings to the patients. 

In fact, TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) has become the “go-to” TCM Pain Management Treatment for individuals who are looking to address various pain related ailments effectively. TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) can also improve one’s general well-being by relieving stress and body aches caused by the long working hours & high-pressure working environment in Singapore.

All these factors make TCM Tuina (TCM massage) one of the most preferred therapy among Singapore’s general public. This is especially so for those who visit Singapore TCM clinic for general health maintenance purposes.

For TCM Pain Management Treatment, various TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) methods will be selected to treat different ailments. For instance, where a strain or chronic joint injury is concerned, the patient must be aware of the root cause of pain. One must also note the inherent relationship between joint, muscle and ligament. One can better target problem areas with the knowledge and thus achieve maximum effect. TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) works directly on the problem area and is especially efficacious in the treatment of muscle related injuries or pains when used in conjunction with TCM Cupping Therapy & Skin Scraping (Gua Sha). In fact, one can hardly avoid TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) as a treatment option when it comes to such problems.

TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) work on the energy channels and points, using the same principles as acupuncture except that the hands and fingers are used instead of needles. Through a combination of massage and acupressure, TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) applies pressure to acupoints, meridians and groups of muscles or nerves to remove blockages that prevent the free flow of Qi. Our TCM Physician may also recommend the use of Chinese herbs to facilitate quicker healing. Each TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) session typically lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with the number of sessions varies with the problem at hand.

Benefits of TCM Tuina (TCM Massage)

TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) is a non-invasive form of TCM Pain Management Treatment. It works holistically, treating the mind through the body and vice versa. It leaves you with a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation, revitalisation and well-being. TCM Tuina (TCM Massage), when used in conjunction with TCM Cupping Therapy & Skin Scraping, is best suited for rectifying certain types of chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions and stress-related disorders. The patient will usually feel more relaxed and energized by the treatment.

Limitation of TCM Tuina (TCM Massage)

TCM Tuina (TCM Massage), like all forms of TCM Pain Management Treatments, has clear specifications, guidelines and limitations. Certain conditions like bone fractures, ligament tears, fevers, infections, malignant tumours & etc are unsuitable for it. Contrary to common misconception, TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) is not a form of martial arts at all. TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) utilizes the finger, palm, wrist and arm for treatment. Efficacy of treatment is not dependent on the amount of strength used; instead, excellent control of strength and pressure based on TCM principles is the key.

Who Should Be Cautious About Receiving TCM Tuina (TCM Massage)?

People with acute abdominal compartment syndrome, bleeding disorders, skin wound, ulceration or burns, severe heart disease, critical illness, and pregnant women, please consult your TCM Physician or Therapist before receiving TCM Tuina (TCM Massage). 

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